Years ago, as an undergrad at Michigan State University, I declared my major in Communication Studies and quickly discovered I’d committed myself to something BIG. In course after course and paper after paper, I typed: c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n – a word that took much longer to spell than the names of other majors. History or PR would have been so much easier!

I’m pleased to say, these many years later, that I’ve continued my commitment to that five-syllable word – and to helping others understand the nuances and art of communicating well.

Words at Work gives me the opportunity to address the communication challenges and needs of people today, in their professional and personal lives.

My writings and interviews have appeared in over 50 publications and I’ve offered insight and advice on such topics as: delivering global presentations, managing confrontations, getting your way with reporters and writing snafu-free e-mails.

As the President of Satori Communications, Inc., I continue to coach corporate exec’s, best selling authors and even an NFL Head Coach!

Merna Skinner
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