Aha Moments

Satori Communications programs are full of aha moments.

Our integrated approach to learning taps into the most recent brain science findings — and each learning experience is designed to ensure participants create new synaptic connections.” These connections form the very basis of learning.” *

We incorporate various learning styles and structure exercises for maximum retention. We also balance the instructor’s role with the important self-discovery activities of the participants.

At the conclusion, participants don’t just know the concepts and skills – they internalize them. When that happens, they own new skills over the long term

To help achieve your aha moments, we:

  • assess needs via pre-program phone consultations, participant questionnaires and assignments
  • use real-life situations and materials for in-class exercises – no unfamiliar scenarios or role-plays.
  • use interactive exercises and guided feedback to help participants experience self-realization which leads to fundamental changes
  • help participants strike a comfortable balance of powerful communication skills

To make sure participants retain the skills they learn, we use:

  • recorded exercises
  • reference materials, in class and after
  • practice plans for regular use
  • tool kits
  • follow-up reminders

*Joseph LeDoux, in Synaptic Self