Essential Skills

When you examine your professional interactions, where are your communication gaps?

We can help you acquire and strengthen the following essential interaction skills in customized sessions from 2 hours to 2 days:

Acquire relationship building listening skills

  • balance talking and listening
  • be present and responsive
  • ask effective questions to uncover issues
  • project openness and interest

Understand communication style differences

  • assess your style and how you impact others
  • determine the styles of others
  • strategize your approach
  • balance your needs with the needs of others

Manage demographic challenges

  • understand and challenge your subconscious assumptions
  • overcome gender, age and cultural barriers and biases
  • strengthen your emotional intelligence and empathy
  • balance your instinctive behaviors with greater awareness

Solve problems and build consensus

  • manage the discussion process
  • uncover the real problems, not just the symptoms
  • share ownership of action steps
  • generate results, not just lip service

Craft targeted messages to influence others

  • plan your approach
  • diminish resistance
  • build a persuasive case for your ideas

Respond to challenging questions

  • use empathy to connect with questioners
  • answer concisely
  • link responses to the interests of others