Specific Situations

Every interaction gives you the opportunity to strengthen relationships or create barriers and misunderstandings. Based upon your needs we can offer you customized sessions from 2 hours to 2 days in length.

Acquire and strengthen your skills to interact successfully in the following situations:

Internal meetings ā€” one-on-one and groups

  • interview candidates for successful hires
  • build strong, stable teams
  • deliver performance reviews & ongoing feedback that bring results
  • motivate and mentor team members
  • facilitate learning sessions
  • lead and participate in internal meetings

External meetings ā€” one-on-one and groups

  • manage expectations in key stakeholder meetings
  • close the deal in client meetings
  • effectively represent your organization at industry events

Successful interactions can enhance your career; ineffective interactions create speed bumps to your success.

Become an Extraordinary Communicator