Meeting With the Media & the Public

Mastering the Media™
Crisis Communication Skills

Turn Instinctive Answers Into Inspired Responses                                      

Today’s world is one of constant communication.  News services never sleep — plus bloggers and Tweeters further complicate managing your message.  News consumers are more sophisticated, demanding complete clarity, straightforwardness and authenticity from every spokesperson.  If you don’t connect, you and your message are quickly dismissed.

Media interviews and meetings with the public are high stakes events for you and your career — and not just when you’re talking about negative news.  Even good news stories can get lost in the barrage of endless coverage.

Success with the media begins with solid coaching from someone who understands the media and the learning process.  When you choose Satori Communications, you will learn how to maximize every media interview and every public meeting.

We will customize a media skills program for you that is both cost and time efficient.  You can work with us one-on-one or with a small group of your colleagues.

Extraordinary coaching brings extraordinary results!

We help spokespeople of all types – from business people to politicians, and from authors to high profile sports and entertainment celebrities: