Our Values

  • Client-focused
    We recognize the importance of client service and we actively align our services with your business objectives.  We promise you flexibility, availability and a supportive, collaborative approach. 
  • Results-driven
    We believe our job is not done until you and your team have transformed the way you communicate. We know you expect results and so do we!
  • Leading Expertise 
    Our extensive industry experience and our keen attention to incorporating the latest neuro and social science studies into our thinking makes us sought after experts. It also means that we are committed to continuous learning and upgrading our teaching accordingly.
  • Involved citizens – Community-focused 
    We believe that giving back is essential.  We consistently donate resources to important causes in the communities where we live and work and we welcome partnering opportunities with you and the charities you support.
  • Insightful
    We believe it is not enough to be smart  – effective communicators need to be aware. We pride ourselves on helping our clients strengthen their personal insights.
  • Innovative
    We are continually searching, learning and innovating.  Our awareness of trends and cultural changes makes our teachings continually relevant.
  • Integrated  & Balanced
    Our holistic approach involves mind and body. We integrate social and neuroscience research with classic communications theory to create powerful teaching techniques which ultimately help every communicator find the perfect balance in their daily communication activities.
  • Engaging – Enlightening
    Participants tell us our classes are engaging and enjoyable. They are inspired to think about themselves differently.